Here’s The Trailer for Midnight Sky!

I’m about three days late in sharing this but I figured that everyone could use a little hope for the future, even when in the middle of a horrorthon!

Here’s the trailer for Midnight Sky.  Now, on the one hand, the trailer makes the film look like it might be good.  On the other hand, the film was directed by George Clooney and that’s always a big red flag.  Clooney is a good actor and usually a terrible director.  It’s an odd combination but it happens sometimes.  (My personal theory is that Clooney is still insecure about the years that he spent being dismissed as just being a pretty frat boy type and, as a result, he always tries too hard whenever he directs a film.  It’s like he’s still saying, “I can handle things!  I’m smart!”)  Hopefully, for this film, Clooney will give a bad performance but that will free him up to actually do a good job directing for once.  We’ll find out soon.

Midnight Sky will be released on Netflix on December 23rd.

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