Horror On The Lens: The Yesterday Machine (dir by Russ Marker)

For today’s horror on the lens, how about 1963’s The Yesterday Machine?  This film opens with some impressive baton twirling and then segues into telling a story about time travel, mad scientists, and …. well, that’s about it.  Still, what else do you need?  Have you ever wondered what would happen if a sane scientist discovered time travel?  For some reason, it’s always the insane ones who figure it out.

This film was shot in North Texas!  That’s right, this is one of those low-budget regional productions, the one’s where the film might not be great but you kind of have to admire the determination of the filmmakers to try to make a real movie.  Even if you didn’t recognize the landscape, the accents of the actors would have given it away immediately.  Russ Marker was an independent filmmaker, based in Texas.  The Yesterday Machine is one of two films that Marker directed.  He also had an uncredited role as a bank guard in 1967’s Bonnie and Clyde.

Finally, the film stars Tim Holt who also appeared in The Magnificent Ambersons and Treasure of the Sierra Madre.  How Does The Yesterday Machine rank when compared to those two films?  Watch and find out!  (And, after you watch it, read my review from last year.)

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