Music Video of the Day: The Hardest Thing by 98° (2000, dir. by Wayne Isham)

The Hardest Thing is a skeevy boy band song about how the hardest thing is saying goodbye to your mistress.  That’s what the song is about.  That’s the hardest thing.  The hardest thing for some people is to figure out how to put food on the table and to make sure their children make it home safely.  The hardest thing for 98º is having to choose between being loyal to your significant other or hooking up with Becky and Tiffany and Sandy and everyone else on the strip.  Even though the band knows that the hardest thing they’ll ever have to do is say goodbye to the woman that they’re cheating with, they also know that they’ll meet up again someday and maybe the time will be right for them to continue their affair.  What?  How does that make sense?  I can’t cheat with you now but maybe in three months.  OK, guys.

According to the video, Nick Lachey is a boxer so maybe that’s why this song seems to be punch drunk.  His mistress is a showgirl.  I can’t imagine Nick every winning a fight, can you?  Ladies and gentleman, with a record of 1 win and 30 losses by knockout, it’s Nick Lachey!  His mistress can probably do better.  Are the Backstreet Boys in town?

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