Of Myths And Morons : David King’s “Hercules And The Orbs Of Woad”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

After knocking it out of the park with his flawless all-ages comic Yellow Flag Intelligence Squadron, cartoonist and self-publisher David King came back in the latter part of last year with a decidedly more — mature, I guess? — offering in the form of the magazine-sized Hercules And The Orbs Of Woad, a smartly contemporary take on the hero of ancient Greek mythology that takes what we know about the character to logical, if extreme, conclusions in service of something of an old-school illogical romp.

If that seems a bit vague, I apologize, and since I’d hate to be accused of tiptoeing around the issue, I’ll just lay it out in plain English : we all know that, like his daddy Zeus, Herc would pretty much fuck anything that moved, but what would happen if he got “blueballed”? If you’ve always wondered, here’s the answer you’ve been…

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