SXSW 2020 Short Film Review: Basic (dir by Chelsea Devantez)

In the introduction that plays before the start of Basic, director and actress Chelsea Devantez describes her film as being a “very, very, very short film” and indeed it is.  It’s only 4 minutes long, which means that this is about to a very, very, very short review.

Anyway, Basic is a film about “the insecure lil’ ho in all of us.”  It open with Gloria (Chelsea Devantez) looking at Kailynn’s (Georgia Mischak) Instagram and talking about how much she hates her.  Why does Gloria hate Kailynn?  Could it be because Kailynn appears to have a perfect and glamorous life?  Or could it be because of the fact that Nick (Nelson Franklin) is in several of the pictures with her.  “Oh, look,” Gloria says, “we go shopping together.”

I’m probably not doing justice to the film but it’s a laugh-out loud hilarious comedy and it’s got a clever little twist at the end and dammit, what else can you really ask from a four-minute comedy?  Many of the laughs comes from Gloria’s snarky comments about Kailynn’s life but even more of the laughs come from the fact that it’s obvious that Gloria would love to be Kailynn.  Finally, this film gives us a lot of Nelson Franklin, who was hilarious on Veep and who deserves to be in many more films and shows.  Nelson Franklin is one of those actors who can make just about any line laugh out loud hilarious.

It’s a short film.  It’s 4 minutes.  Who doesn’t have 4 minutes to spare?  Seriously, you’re going to tell me you don’t have 4 minutes?  Shut up, you’ve got 4 minutes.  Watch it on Prime while you can.

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