SXSW 2020 Review: Figurant (dir by Jan Vejnar)

Clocking in at just 14 minutes, the French/Czech co-production, Figurant, is about as unsettling of a film as I’ve recently seen.

Trying to explain just what exactly happens in the film is not easy.  It’s not just that I don’t want to spoil the film.  It’s also that the film itself is a bit of a mystery.  It’s a riddle.  It’s an enigma.  It’s a dream of dark and disturbing things and the story doesn’t always lead to the destination that you may be expecting.

It’s the story of a man who is played by Denis Lavant.  We never learn the man’s name, nor do we learn much about his past.  He may be homeless, he may not.  He’s a quiet and withdrawn man, one who mostly communicates in apologetic grunts.  When he sees a group of younger men walking into a warehouse, he follows them.  When two men sitting behind a table give him a scornful look and ask if they’re even supposed to take men like him, he keeps quiet.  He accepts every insult with the quiet resignation of a man who is used to being on the outside looking in.

In a backroom, two women take Lavant’s clothes from him and place them in a garbage bag.  They gave him a military uniform to wear.  Lavant doesn’t seem to know why he’s being asked to dress like a soldier but he does so anyway.  When the other men march down a hallway, he follows.  When they enter a trailer, he follows.  When he’s told to sit in a chair in front of a mirror, he does just that….

Throughout it all, everyone except for Lavant seems to understand what’s going on.  Lavant simply follows along and goes where he is told.  No matter how weird or violent things become around him, Lavant continues to follow….

There are multiple twists towards the end of the film.  I would say that I correctly predicted 50% of the twists and that the other twists took me totally by surprise.  In fact, I’m still fully working out the film in my head.  Figurant is one of those wonderfully surreal and dream-like films that just sticks with you.  It may only be 14 minutes long but you’ll be thinking about it for hours afterwards.

Lavant does a great job and is sympathetic in the lead role.  Director Jan Vejnar creates a perfectly ominous atmosphere, filling the film with images that are sometimes threatening and occasionally surprisingly peaceful.  Figurant is one that will stick with you and. through May 6th, it can be viewed for free on Prime.

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