Film Review: Charge Over You (dir by Regardt Steenekamp)

Charge Over You, an independent Australian film from 2010, tells the story of Sarah Goodall (Danya Cox).

Having spent almost her entire adolescence dreaming of becoming a doctor so that she could find a cure for the illness that was killing her mother, Sarah finds herself struggling after her mother dies.  Whereas she was once an honors student and seemed destined for greatness, she’s now haunted by a feeling that everything is pointless.  Her grades are slipping.  Her mentor is disappointed in her.  Her friends are all turning into bad influences.  Her father wants to marry some bimbo that Sarah doesn’t even know.  Sarah is even starting to wonder if she even wants to become a doctor.

It’s a dark time and, even worse, Sarah makes the mistake of playing with a Ouija board!  Well, technically, it was some of her friends who were playing with the Ouija board but Sarah was in the room at the time.  Sarah may say that she doesn’t believe in the power of the Ouija board but does the board believe in her?  That’s the question.

Suddenly, Sarah has a boyfriend!  She’s not sure how she met Dane (James E. Lee).  All she knows is that he’s suddenly in her life and that he has a habit of showing up whenever she’s feeling at her weakest.  When she steps into her dorm room, he’s there waiting for her.  When she tries to talk to other people, she’ll sometimes see him materialize behind them.  Dane is cold and cruel and doesn’t even pretend to be sympathetic when she tells him about the death of her mother.  Instead, Dane demands that she spend all of her time with him.  Even though Sarah doesn’t even like Dane, she finds it impossible to resist him.

Of course, Dane isn’t the only man who has suddenly materialized into Sarah’s life.  There’s also Mike, who appears to be a nice guy and who obviously likes Sarah.  (He’s visibly hurt when Sarah tells him that she already has a mysterious boyfriend who materialized out of nowhere.)  And then there’s Sam, who seems like he’s kind of dorky but who is constantly warning Sarah about guys like Dane.  Sam even warns Sarah about agreeing to have dinner with her father.  The dinner, of course, turns out to be a disaster and Sarah’s father reveals himself to be a disappointing human being.  Why, it’s almost as if Sam can see the future…..

Charge Over You is a strange film.  It starts out as a typical college horror film and then, suddenly, it swerves into overly religious territory as Sarah learns that she has both demons and angels competing for her soul.  And yet, it’s an undeniably entertaining little film.  Danya Cox gives a strong and sympathetic performance as Sarah and James E. Lee is magnetically evil as Dane.  Director Regardt Steenekamp does an excellent job of creating an ominous atmosphere and some the scenes where Dane materializes out of nowhere are genuinely creepy.  For a low-budget indie film that was reportedly filmed in just 12 days, Charge Over You is a surprisingly well-made and effective film.

It’s on Prime, so check it out during your lockdown and remember …. leave the Ouija boards in the closet!

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