Music Video of the Day: Inner City Pressure by Flight of the Conchords (2007, dir by James Bobin)

I used to love watching Flight of the Conchords on HBO.  The adventures of Bret, Jermaine, and Murray (can’t forget, Murray!) helped me get through some very dark times.  No matter how down I felt during the week, I knew that I’d have a reason to laugh during the weekend.

I guess that’s why it makes me a bit sad to know that Jermaine and Bret apparently didn’t enjoy the experience of working for HBO.  When the show didn’t return for a third season, there was a lot of speculation about what happened.  At the time, Jermaine said that the show took up a lot of time and that neither one of them was happy with the pressure to constantly come up with new songs and material.  In a 2016 interview, Bret explained that the show “basically stopped being fun. It really wasn’t a decision about money. It was definitely a decision about enjoying our lives.”

I can actually understand the feeling and I am kind of glad that Flight of the Conchords ended on a good note.  I mean, the show only lasted two seasons but those were two GREAT seasons!

Of course, you can’t talk about Flight of the Conchords without talking about the music videos that aired during the show.  For instance, today’s music video of the day originally aired during the second episode of Flight of the Conchords.  In the episode, Bret and Jermaine have to figure out how to live in New York City despite having absolutely no money.  (I forget how they manage to pull it off.)  In this song and video, they describe what it’s like to live under inner city pressure.

Why does this work for me?  It’s both serious and funny.  The video strikes the right balance between parody and earnestness.