RIP Jan-Michael Vincent: A Pictorial Tribute

Because ‘4 Shots’ just weren’t enough…

cracked rear viewer

Jan-Michael Vincent has passed away at age 74. Though the actor suffered many trials and tribulations in his personal life, there’s no doubt his onscreen presence connected with audiences of the 70’s and 80’s. In his honor, we present ten shots from the film and TV career of Jan-Michael Vincent:

Tribes (TV-Movie 1970; D: Joseph Sargent)

Going Home (1971; D: Herbert B. Leonard)

The Mechanic (1972; D: Michael Winner)

The World’s Greatest Athlete (1973; D: Robert Scheerer)

White Line Fever (1975; D: Jonathan Kaplan)

Damnation Alley (1977; D: Jack Smight)

Big Wednesday (1978; D: John Milius)

Defiance (1980; D: John Flynn)

The Winds of War (TV-Miniseries 1983; D: Dan Curtis)

Airwolf (TV Series, 1984-87)

Rest in peace, Jan-Michael Vincent (1944-2019)

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Music Video of the Day: Heading Up High by Armin van Buuren, featuring Kensington (2016, dir by Boris Booij)


This video features a prison break.  Apparently, the best way to escape from prison is to go straight up.  Don’t waste your time with any of that digging stuff.  I would actually be in a lot of trouble if I ever had to escape from prison.  I’m scared of heights so I can’t really go through the roof.  And I have a thing about not getting dirt under my fingernails so I’d have a hard time tunneling through the walls.  I guess if I was in prison, I’d have to seduce the warden or something.  Either that or I’d just do my time and then write a book about it.  Chained Redhead: The Lisa Marie Bowman Story. It would be a best seller, I think.

Among the prisoners escaping from the prison is Hardwell.  I’m glad he made it.

Speaking of prison, has anyone watched that 60 Days In show on A&E?  By the time this post drops, this season’s finale will have aired.  I have to say that this season was a hundred times better than the previous seasons.  I’m just a little bit worried about how everyone’s going to adjust to being out of prison.  For instance, Abner and David both really got into the whole prison mentality.  Anyway, if you didn’t watch this season, you really missed out.