Music Video of the Day: Shame by Stabbing Westward (1996, directed by Paul Cunningham)

“Who was the girl in Stabbing Westward’s video for Shame?”

For those of us who grew up in the 90s, that is question that we’ve been asking ourselves for 22 years.  Who played Julie, the leggy brunette who found herself threatened by her ex-boyfriend while the band ate popcorn and watched from the couch?

It only took me a minute of research to discover that Nick was played by an actor named Clint Curtis.  If he seems familiar, you may have seen him in movies like Deep Rising, The Mexican, or Splatter: Love, Honor, and Paintball.  But no one seems to know who played Julie, though a lot of people still wonder.  I’ve seen speculation that she was a model or maybe she was dating a member of the band.  On one message board, someone even thought that she may have been played by the actress, Alana Urbach.  (She’s wasn’t.)

Even if we don’t know who played Julie, Shame is a smart video from an underrated band.  It was directed by Paul Cunningham, who is probably best known for directing the video for Radiohead’s High & Dry.

3 responses to “Music Video of the Day: Shame by Stabbing Westward (1996, directed by Paul Cunningham)

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  2. I think the person you saw ask on a message board was probably me as I’ve been trying for years to track her down. I’ve asked every band member I’ve been in contact with (all except Andy) and even Clint, but no one can seem to remember her name. I have a picture collage of the video that so far is signed by everyone involved aside from her and the director (and the cop in the video, who I’m sure is even more of a mystery since we never see his face). I’m willing to bet maybe Paul Cunningham might remember, but he’s another one I can’t seem to find.

    I attended one of their concerts a couple of weekends ago and dressed up as Nick from the music video, and the band was more than willing to take part in the fun by wearing the 3D glasses and holding the popcorn tub I brought for our photo op. Great times!

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