Are You Scared Of Snakes?


Unknown Artist

Are you scared of snakes?  If so, you’re not alone.  According to 2001 Gallup Poll, 56% of Americans said they were scared of snakes.  By comparison, only 45% of Americans said they were scared of public speaking while 41% said heights.  Only 36% said they were scared of spiders and only 7% were frightened by the prospect of going to the doctor.

There are nearly 3,000 different species of snakes in the world and only 25% of them are poisonous.  Most snakes are harmless and even the poisonous ones usually won’t strike as long as they’re left alone.  But people will always be scared of snakes.  The sound of a hiss is enough to send most people into a panic.

Back in the pulp era, snakes used to regularly appear on the covers of magazines and paperbacks, often being held by a cultist or threatening a bound victim.  When it comes to pulp art, snakes are never good news.  Take a look:

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

by Ed Valigursky

by Hans Wesselowski

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist

by Rudolph Belarski

by Griffith Foxley

by John Pedersen


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