Music Video of the Day: Miami Vice Theme by Jan Hammer (1985, directed by ????)

Since yesterday’s music video of the day was Crockett’s Theme, it seems only appropriate that today’s music video should be for the Miami Vice Theme.

Brandon Tartikoff revolutionized television when he requested a television show about “MTV cops.”  Of course, before Crockett and Tubbs could take on the Miami underworld, they needed a soundtrack that was appropriate for their pastel-and-guns lifestyle.  That’s where Jan Hammer and the show’s main instrumental theme came in.  When you hear that music, you know it’s all about to go down.

When Miami Vice premiered on NBC in 1984, it was an immediate hit that spawned a successful soundtrack album.  As soon as the Miami Vice Theme was released as a single in August of 1985, it shot to the top of the charts.  The song’s popularity kept the Miami Vice soundtrack at the top of the album charts for 11 weeks, a record that would stand until 2006, when it was broken by the High School Musical soundtrack.

The video is mostly made up of footage from the show and Jan Hammer performing but it wins some points for being edited to make it appear as if Crockett and Tubbs are attempting to arrest Hammer.  Just like the show itself, this video is pure 80s, complete with a close-up of a giant floppy desk and plenty of synthesizer action.

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