Here’s The Trailer For Bumblebee!

Yesterday, when I heard that there was a trailer for a film called Bumblebee, I was really excited because I assumed it would be a Pixar film about a bee who speaks with the voice of Martin Freeman and who wonders why he was given the ability to sting if he can only use it once before dying.

Then I watched the trailer and I discovered that it was just another Transformers movie.

Actually, to be specific, this is a Transformers spin-off.  In fact, it’s a prequel!  It’s set in the 80s, which means that there will be a lot of retro fun to be had!  So, this might be better than the average Transformers film.  Or it might really suck, again like an average Transformers film.

Regardless, I bet it will have a killer soundtrack.

(Also, there is a reason for cautious optimism.  Michael Bay is not directing.  Instead, the director is Travis Knight, who previously gave us the brilliant Kubo and The Two Strings.)


2 responses to “Here’s The Trailer For Bumblebee!

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