Music Video of the Day: Little Of Your Love by Haim (2017, dir by Paul Thomas Anderson)

(Sorry, everyone.  This is one of those videos where you going to have to click on “Watch on YouTube” to actually watch it.  I know.  That sucks.  Didn’t we fight a revolution and write a constitution to prevent stuff like this from happening?  Oh well.  Anyway…)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This fun little video from Haim features a lot of dancing and was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson!  Someday, Anderson needs to direct a feature-length musical.  Spielberg can produce that West Side Story remake if he wants but he needs to hire Anderson to direct it.

(Some may point out that it would have made more sense to have picked Anderson’s video for Haim’s Valentine for today’s music video of the day.  They would be right, except for the fact that the Valentine video lasts 14 minutes while this one is a brisk 3 minutes and 39 seconds.)



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