Music Video of the Day: Hungry by Winger (1988, directed by ????)

What do we have here?

00:12 — Newlyweds speeding on a curvy mountain road?  What could go wrong?

00:23 — There go the brakes!

00:31 — That sharp turn will look familiar to anyone who has ever seen the Duke boys outrun old Roscoe.

00:36 — It’s true what they say.  Right before you die, you hear the opening of a bad 80s song.

00:50 — I’ve gotten worst cuts from bumping my head on a low doorway.

00:57 — Dude, did you just leave your wife behind in the car?

00:59– This is Winger.  Kip Winger got his start as a backup musician and was a member of Alice Cooper for two years.  Until Nirvana changed the face of music, Winger was responsible for some of the most generic hits of the 1980s.

01:21 — How long until we get a shot of the man sitting alone on that same swing?

01:32 — “Look, I’m spinning around with my guitar!  Just like we did in practice!”

01:50 — “I remember how much we loved this wall.”

01:59 — It took 37 seconds to go from swinging together to swinging alone.

02:08 — Nobody came to the wedding but she’s going to go ahead and throw the bouquet anyway.

02:20 — It might be easier for the first responders to do their job if Winger would get out of the way.

02:46 — GUITAR!

03:07 — “My wife’s dead.  Time to learn how to play an instrument!”

03:15 — Watch out, he’s driving again.

03:22 — Did he ever figure out why his brakes out went out in the first place?  This might be a case for Jim Rockford.

03:36 — They still haven’t put out the fire?  Is this what my tax dollars are paying for?

03:38 — I would be pissed off too.  Put out the damn fire!

03:58 — That dude cannot drive.

04:12 — How does he keep doing this shit without getting a scratch on him?

04:27 — “How am I going to get home?”

To call Winger a “hair metal” band is probably an insult to hair metal bands but they did have a few hits.  They also got on the nerves of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Mike Judge, the creator of Beavis and Butthead.


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