Dance Baby Dance: Movie Preview and Review




Have you ever had a dream? JIMMY PERCER did. His was to be a professional tap dancer. And in his early 20s, he was on his way … until a horrible knee injury stopped him in his tracks. He rehabbed like crazy to get back to where he had a chance again … only to re-injure the knee….


Beverley Mitchell (“Seventh Heaven”), Jim O’Heir (“Parks and Recreation”), Carlos Alazraqui (Despicable Me 3)


#TSL family, you know I mostly review/preview horror movies, but this movie hit me right to the core, hard. I remember the day… No, I am going to stop there…

…And pick up here…There is one day all of us have fallen down.. It happens to the best of us….

…And.. no, this ending is like no other you have ever seen!

Brilliant! Fantastic! And a gut-punch of a movie!

Would I recommend:

If you haven’t already figured out, this is a great movie!

Here is the trailer:

Dance Baby Dance has a limited movie release in theaters on January 19th followed by an Amazon release on January 25th


Studio: Indie Rights
Director:  Stephen Kogon
Cast :  Stephen Kogon, Beverley Mitchell.

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