Music Video of the Day: Night Boat by Duran Duran (1983, dir. Russell Mulcahy)

I meant to do this video a few days ago, but I’ve been a zombie lately, including today–pun intended.

From the Duran Duran wiki:

“It is possible that the video is a homage to the Italian horror film Zombi 2, with settings and zombies that look very much like the ones in the film.”

That is exactly what I thought of when I started it. This video screams “Italian horror film.” The shot below that shows up within the first ten seconds immediately made me think of Italian horror.

It took me awhile to recall what movie that shot was reminding me of. It’s Come And Out Play (2012). That was a remake of the Spanish film Who Can Kill A Child? (1976). Italian. Spanish. It’s all the same in this context. A good example is Amando de Ossorio’s film Zombi 8 (1975).

From IMDb

You can read Lisa’s review of it here.

The lines that Simon Le Bon speaks are part of a speech that Mercutio delivers in Romeo And Juliet. It’s probably there because it announces to the audience that there is something wrong with him in addition to everything else.

As for the similarities to Zombie/Zombi 2/Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979), I only watched the movie for the first time the other day. It does bear some resemblance to it. On a superficial level, I would think of that movie. I would also think of The Blind Dead films, as well other Lucio Fulci horror movies. The following shots remind me of both City Of The Living Dead (1980) and Zombie (1979).

City Of The Living Dead (1980, dir. Lucio Fulci)

Zombi (1980, dir. Lucio Fulci)

The zombies bear a resemblance to the ones in Zombie.

Zombie (1979, dir. Lucio Fulci)

We also get a cameo appearance from the Caribbean crabs since this video was shot in Antigua and the island sequences of Zombie were shot a bit west in Santa Domingo.

Zombie (1979, dir. Lucio Fulci)

Even the Night Boat itself ties back to Zombie. The beginning of Zombie starts with a boat, not too dissimilar from the one Le Bon leaves on, arriving in New York City with a zombie onboard so that Fulci could have zombies walking on the Brooklyn bridge at the end of the movie while drivers below go about their day.

Zombie (1979, dir. Lucio Fulci)

Zombie (1979, dir. Lucio Fulci)

Zombie (1979, dir. Lucio Fulci)

This is possibly my new favorite Duran Duran music video. It’s the complete opposite of Rio. There’s nothing glamorous about this. It’s just stylish. They even worked in references to Rio.

Rio by Duran Duran (1982)

Rio by Duran Duran (1982)

The boat is a reference too. And, what is her name this time, Le Bon?

She is the fairies’ midwife, and she comes
In shape no bigger than an agate stone
On the forefinger of an alderman,
Drawn with a team of little atomi
Over men’s noses as they lie asleep.


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