Horror On The Lens: My Dead Girlfriend (dir by Brett Kelly)

For today’s horror on the lens, we have the low-budget, 2006 indie zombie film, My Dead Girlfriend.

The Late Night Movie Gang and I watched this move on Saturday night and it amused the Hell out of us.  It’s about a guy (played by director Brett Kelly) who somehow manages to roll over his girlfriend while backing out his car.  She’s dead but, fortunately, there’s some black magic books lying around so, before you know it, she’s alive again!

Except, of course, she’s kind of undead and hungry now.  Amy, the formerly dead girl, is played by Caitlin Delaney and she has a blast trying to eat everything that she comes across.  Eventually, Kelly decides to take her up to a cabin so that he can figure out what to do next.  Unfortunately, a lot of their friends decide to come hang out at the cabin at the same time…

Anyway, this is a fun movie.  I always like watching movies like this.  For what they may lack in budget, they often make up for it in passion.


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