Music Video of the Day: I Want Out by Helloween (1988, dir. ???)

I did Halloween last year. I figured I should do a Helloween video each October. Why not? It’s especially fitting this year since they released a new lyric video on the 12th in preparation for a Pumpkins United World Tour.

I love the cover of the single:

I don’t have a lot to say about this video because what I like about it is the editing, which is not exactly something that I can get across in words. It also doesn’t make any sense to try since the video is only 4 minutes and 44 seconds long. That said, it reminds me of those music videos from the 1960s that had the band acting like silent comedians in time with the song. In fact, it reminds me of the video for Sound Of The Screaming Day by Golden Earring, complete with the going into the mouth shot.

Sound Of The Screaming Day by Golden Earring (1967)

As for this:

you got me. Perhaps it has to do with then vocalist Kai Hansen wanting out of the band. That’s what Wikipedia says that he said in an interview that they were kind enough not to cite. Or it’s just a thrown pumpkin asking, “And so?” It’s probably the first one.