Music Video of the Day: Sweet Dreams by THE HORRORTOUR Project (2014, dir. Alessandro Benna)

Freddy had to show up eventually.

A year after THE HORRORTOUR Project did their cover of Pet Sematary, they did a cover of Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics in memory of Freddy Krueger.

Born 1984. Died 2010. He was killed by a bad screenwriter. I know Eric Heisserer had help from Wesley Strick and director Samuel Bayer, but I prefer to put the blame on him. He’s the one responsible for Final Destination 5 (2011), screwing up a John Carpenter movie and Alien at the same time (The Thing, 2011), miscasting and poor writing 101 (Hours, 2013), a glitchy reworking of A Nightmare On Elm Street (Lights Out, 2016), and the series finale of Star Trek: TNG (Arrival, 2016). He also has another movie called Van Helsing, The Road 2 (Bird Box), and Arrival II: Field Of Fire (Extinction, 2018) coming up. I’m not exactly a fan of his work.

Just like their version of Pet Sematary, the song didn’t do it for me, but I like the video. It has some neat parts.

Freddy appearing bedside

The Italian versions of A Nightmare On Elm Street since this is part of that Dario Argento tour. There’s even a copy of Tobe Hooper’s Night Terrors.

Freddy left her a present?

That isn’t Freddy. I’m not sure who that’s supposed to be. I should know.

I love that they used the Vincent Price laugh from the end of Thriller. Not even The Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden got Vincent Price to read the opening for their song. They didn’t want to pay his fee. I wonder how this video got the rights to use the Thriller laugh.

They quickly flash to this just before the ending credits.

Somebody watched Mahakaal (Indian A Nightmare On Elm Street).

Again, I can’t recommend their cover, but the video is worth checking out.


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