Horror on TV: One Step Beyond 3.31 “The Sorcerer” (dir by John Newland)

The Twilight Zone wasn’t the only televised horror anthology show to air in the late 50s and early 60s!  There was also a show called One Step Beyond, which ran for three seasons.  It was hosted by a man named John Newland and each episode was supposedly based on an event that may have actually occurred … an event that defied rational explanation!

The episode features one of the icons of horror cinema, the one and only Christopher Lee!  Lee plays a German soldier who, during World War I, enlists a local psychic to discover whether or not his lover is being faithful to him.  When he discovers that she isn’t, he uses the psychic’s powers to get revenge.  Afterward, when he wants to confess to his crime, he runs into a problem.  No one believes him because he was over 800 miles away when the crime occurred.

To be honest, the main reason to watch this episode is to see Christopher Lee but isn’t that reason enough?  Lee was one of the great gentlemen of horror and his performance in this episode helps to show why.

This episode originally aired on May 31st, 1961.


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