Music Video of the Day: My Own Worst Enemy by Lit (1999, dir. Gavin Bowden)

This music video totally has to with Labor Day. It’s not just something I came up with at the last minute because I watched the 2016 American film called Split that was supposed to have to do with bowling.

Yes, I did have to be that specific. There are not only three films with the title Split that came out in 2016, but another one, from Korea, also has to do with bowling. The one I watched is a terrible film that you shouldn’t have to sit through. This video on the other hand, is one that everyone should be made to sit through.

I remember when this song hit the radio and TV. It was catchy the first time, and annoying from then on. I couldn’t get the chorus out of my mind. The one kind thing I can say is that it can be fun to swap different things in for the actual lyrics:

Please tell me why my brain is on the front lawn?
And I’m pissing with my clothes on?
I fell down chimney last night.

It was 1999, I was sick and out of school on permanent independent study. I had to make my own fun. It was easy to do so with its lyrics and it being played all the time.

As for the video, its people obsessed with Kingpin and The Big Lebowski making a video so that we think of them more like Blink-182 than their previous videos that made them look like Soundgarden and pseudo-STP.

Based on their Wikipedia page, they’re exactly what I thought at the time: a flash in the pan. I lump them right in with groups like Eve 6. Incidentally, director Gavin Bowden made a video for Eve 6. He also worked with similar groups such as Silverchair and Lifehouse. He’s done around 30 videos.

Jed Hathaway did construction on the video. I think that’s the first time I have come across that credit.

The person with the most credits is editor Nabil Mechi. Mechi has edited about 100 videos ranging from The Roots to Paris Hilton.

Enjoy these repressed memories of the late-90s whether you were there or not.

3 responses to “Music Video of the Day: My Own Worst Enemy by Lit (1999, dir. Gavin Bowden)

    • Two of them have to do with bowling. One seems to have to do with sexuality and surrealism. The Korean one looks like the most interesting. It’s gotta be better than the one I watched.

      I apologize for the gag reflex. The closest that comes to mind for me that gets that kind of reaction is Butterfly by Crazy Town.

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