Music Video of the Day: Locomotion by Kylie Minogue (1987, dir. Chris Langham)

It can’t ever be simple, can it?

There’s either different versions, different edits, and sometimes censored and uncensored versions of a video. Err….

Anyhow, there are two different versions of the video for Minogue’s cover of The Loco-Motion. This is the video that was done for the original 1987 release. The differences between the two videos are enough that I want to post them separately.

The song is different. It’s more danceable in this version, than in the 1988 version. It also goes by Locomotion instead of The Loco-Motion.

If you play the two videos side-by-side, then you’ll notice they go out of sync almost immediately. They seem to be composed of mostly the same footage, but edited together differently, with a few parts I didn’t see in both.

A small example is when Kylie knocks the widescreen back to fullscreen. In this version it only happens once. In the other version it happens twice, back-to-back.

Thank you, Kylie Minogue and anyone else who helped to make the following video on her official YouTube page:

Without that retrospective, I wasn’t positive this version was officially made. There’s plenty of videos out there that have had the sound replaced and/or the video altered. Thanks to that video, I know that this is official.

I wasn’t sure about the director. Chris Langham is credited with doing seven of her videos. They are all from 1988-1989. He could have simply re-edited that earlier version. I don’t think he did though because Wikipedia lists him as having directed the 1987 version of the video for I Should Be So Lucky. That’s good enough for me.

The video itself is a mix of Minogue in music-video, behind-the-scenes, and studio-recording mode.


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