Music Video of the Day: The Tide Is High by Blondie (1981, dir. Brian Grant)

First Version
Second Version

This is the third and final version of The Tide Is High. It was made a year later by Brian Grant.

The reason I even knew this existed was because of an entry on mvdbase that described it for me.

Though this videos starts exactly the same way as the previous, it quickly changes with a mix of new and old footage (including the famous circular pink bed scene) with a few still pictures tossed in for good measure.

I read “famous circular pink bed scene”, and figured it had to be out there somewhere if it is so famous. It took a fair amount of digging, but I found it. It was worth the trouble.

The video starts off the same way as the other two except it freeze-frames on the faces of the guys in the band. There are some pictures in the video as well as freeze-frames such as the cover of the single. We see it in close-up, then backed up in order to show the whole band. That shot is the cover of the album the song is on.

Then the pink bed makes an appearance. I guess I was expecting something along the lines of It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls or that ridiculous scene from Chatterbox! (1977). I wasn’t expecting to see Debbie Harry rolling in a circular pink bed.

Then there’s the shots with her looking at a number ‘1’ in a manner that makes it looks like she wants to have sex? What else are you supposed to read from these looks, given that they are included with her rolling around on a circular pink bed? I’m not 100% what they were shooting for there. It is memorable though.

Horny Vader makes no appearance in this version. But we do get a spaceman on a conveyor belt??? I have no clue about this part.

There are some shots of the band playing, and this is where this version adds something completely missing from the other two.

The Tide Is High was originally written in 1966 by John Holt and performed by the group, The Paragons. When Blondie covered it, they added the reggae sound, which is the trademark of this particular song. Yet, any reference to that fact were noticeably missing from the other two versions. While it seems odd to be here with Debbie rolling around on a bed, we do see a part that ties in to the reggae part of the song.

No rocket this time around. The video ends with the footage of Debbie arriving on the street to leave with the rest of the group.

There you go. That’s the version with the “famous circular pink bed scene.” It must be so famous that it has been all but expunged from the net.


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