Music Video of the Day: All The Things by Chrysta Bell & David Lynch (2014, dir. Nicolangelo Gelormini)

That was a music video. I can’t say it did anything for me. I like the classic Lynch dark interior. I also appreciate the contrast between that, and the outside part, which was shot at the Cloister in Naples, Italy. Also, the log is a tribute to Lynch. I can’t say I get it, beyond Lumberton and the Log Lady from Twin Peaks.

Here’s the complete description given on the YouTube video:

“‘All The Things’ music video was filmed primarily at an historic structure in Naples, Italy, called the Cloister.
The Fondazione Tramontano Arte mission is to transform this 16th century gem, an exceptionally rich symbol of
the Neapolitan Renaissance, from it’s current state to a thriving center for the arts.
The ‘Made in Cloister’ project will make of the Cloister a venue and a creative center for
implementing new ways of reviving ancient artisanal skills through the vision of contemporary
artists, musicians and designers.
Support Made in Cloister Project.”

I refuse to copy from it, so here is a link to a nice little interview concerning this video over on Oyster Magazine. I will mention the most humorous part of the interview. We find out that Chrysta Bell has a sense of humor. Lynch asks her, “why is it that everytime you see me, you leap on me and smother me with kisses?” The most important part of her response is that “the leaping part is just for fun.” If there isn’t a compilation video of Chrysta Bell leaping on David Lynch, then there should be.

Like most young directors, Nicolangelo Gelormini doesn’t have a large body of work I can point to.

The rest of the people who worked on the video are listed in the credits at the end of the video. Oddly, David Lynch is listed as a producer in the description of the video, but not in the credits. I don’t know what that is about.


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