Music Video of the Day: Romancing The Stone by Eddy Grant (1984, dir. ???)

Yes, that Romancing The Stone (1984). Apparently, they went all out here. They got an artist who was born in South America. They made this video, which incorporated footage from the film. They even did a short behind-the-scenes thing below where we find out that the mountain in this video was specially constructed, and that Eddy is drinking a non-alcoholic beverage. I doubt it was constructed for Grant, but I could be wrong. It’s not unheard of for countries to bend over backwards to help a film get made in their country such as Jordan did for Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights (1998).

Regardless, they cut the song from the movie. I guess they realized their mistake after the movie did so well, and not only had Billy Ocean do a song for the sequel, but even got Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito, and Michael Douglas to be backup singers in the music video.

Update: I made a mistake. Grant’s song isn’t completely cut from the film. When Joan and Jack are taken in by a big fan of hers, you can hear Grant’s guitar solo playing while they are in the courtyard. He’s also given credit for the song in the ending credits.

I love when Kathleen Turner’s suitcase is thrown, hits the ground in front of Grant, and then he looks up to see his machete come back down to him having changed into a guitar. Also, for some reason I like seeing Grant casually walking along carrying a machete. I think it’s a fun video that did a good job of incorporating Grant into footage from the movie.

This one also comes with, what I assume was a TV performance that had set pieces.

Maybe it was the same show that Adam Ant performed Goody Two Shoes on. It looks like it.

Oh, and yes, there are two versions of this music video…and of the Billy Ocean one as well.


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