Music Video of the Day: No More Lies by Michel’le (1989, dir. Jane Simpson)

Full confession, I have not seen Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le (2016). I did watch that movie called Britney Ever After (2017) a few days ago. I think it was about Britney Spears, but it was tough to tell. I’m pretty sure that Oops!…I Did It Again didn’t have anything to do with falling out of a car while perving on Brad Pitt.

Anyways, I did hear enough about Surviving Compton to know that this video is more than just a visual representation of an R&B/Soul song about leaving someone who is lying to you. From what I’ve read, this is rather close to what reality was for her at the time this video was made.

There really isn’t much to the video other than it being close to reality, and the song having a nice mix of Michel’le talking over her larynx, and singing from her diaphragm–that’s what creates the difference in her singing and speaking voice. I just thought some people might be curious to see one of her music videos if they haven’t already.

I’m positive there are some cameos in here that I should recognize. The only one that jumped out at me was Eazy-E, but that was because of the sunglasses and the “Compton” hat. I have no doubt that Dre is in here. I am just not familiar enough with how he looked at this time to say where he is in here. It makes sense that they would both be in here. They are both in her video for the song Nicety.

Jane Simpson directed this music video. She seems to have done around 50 of them. A fair number of them for Concrete Blonde. She has done some other work, including Number One Fan (1995) and Little Witches (1996).

Spoiler alert! Little Witches isn’t very good. However, it is kind of fun going into it knowing that it was done by a director who started off in music videos. You can tell at times. In much the same way that you can when you watch Leslie Libman’s Britney Ever After, who also started in music videos.


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