Music Video of the Day: Heart by Neneh Cherry (1990, dir. David Fincher)

When I was a kid, Neneh Cherry was that artist they always broke out when talking about one-hit wonders. That one-hit being Buffalo Stance. What I didn’t know is that she not only had other songs, but worked with two well-known music video directors. This time around it was David Fincher.

According to the book, I Want My MTV, he was well-known in music video circles for getting female artists to do rather interesting things in his videos. Of course one of the best examples is Madonna crawling on all-fours to lick milk from a dish like a cat in Express Yourself. You can also see that touch in Paula Abdul’s S&M dance for Cold Hearted. This video shares the onscreen text thing with Cold Hearted. One of the most interesting videos of David Fincher’s is the one for She’s A Mystery To Me by Roy Orbison. He did it mainly with the remnants people leave behind, or clues if you will about the mystery of the title. You get the gritty stuff in videos like Janie’s Got A Gun by Aerosmith. This one sits halfway between Express Yourself and Billy Idol’s cover of The Doors’ L.A. Woman.

Take special notice at a minute and twenty-two seconds when the guy looks towards the stage and the dummy turns its head on its own. I wonder what that represents…said no one who has seen any of David Fincher’s music videos, or watched this one to about the two minute and fifty-five second mark.

There is a whole chapter in the book I Want My MTV devoted solely to David Fincher. I’ll probably do a whole retrospective of his videos at some point. If you haven’t watched them, then you’ve only seen some of Fincher’s work. He made over fifty music videos–one as recent as 2013.

Oh, and this being a music post, I did catch a tiny bit of the Grammys. I am not a big fan of award shows in general, and certainly not one that thought it was a good idea a couple of years ago to stop dead in order to tell people they were going to go to Congress to manipulate copyright law which had people in the audience nodding in agreement. Still, I did catch some of the Beyoncé number where she was Lady Liberty with African neck rings sitting on a chair on a table that went from the Ben-Hur slave ship to The Last Supper with people’s faces bisected to go with the lyrics that also included a little Busby Berkeley. That was nice.


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