Cleaning Out The DVR Yet Again #4: The Watcher (dir by Ryan Rothmaier)

(Lisa recently discovered that she only has about 8 hours of space left on her DVR!  It turns out that she’s been recording movies from July and she just hasn’t gotten around to watching and reviewing them yet.  So, once again, Lisa is cleaning out her DVR!  She is going to try to watch and review 52 movies by Thanksgiving, November 24th!  Will she make it?  Keep checking the site to find out!)


Check out the couple in the picture above.

Wow, they sure do look happy, don’t they?  That’s Emma (Erin Cahill) and Noah (Ed Gathegi) and they have every reason to happy!  They’ve just bought a new home!  It’s a nice big, house and it’s in what appears to be a perfect neighborhood.  Sure, the neighbors are a little quiet and some of them occasionally appear to be giving the new couple a strange look but that’s probably nothing, right?  And sure, the house was a little bit cheaper than expected because, a few years ago, there was a death.  People have died in the house.

But you know what?  People die every day.  And a lot of them do so in a house.  If you refused to live in a house just because someone died in it, you’d probably never be able to live anywhere…

Of course, this house was apparently the scene of a murder but again, these things happen.

The screenshot above is from a movie called The Watcher, which I recorded off of the Lifetime Movie Network on October 9th.  Since The Watcher premiered in the Halloween month, you can probably guess what happens once Emma and Noah move into their new house.  There are strange deliveries.  There are strange noises.  Strange notes, some delivered via a dead animal, start to show up.  The notes inform the couple that they are being watched.

Who is watching them?

The Raven.

Who is the Raven?  And does it have anything to do with a huge black raven that the local neighborhood boy, Mickey (Riley Baron), claims to have seen near the house?  You’ll have to watch the movie to find out…

(Interestingly enough, this was all loosely based on a true story.)

Usually, I’m a bit skeptical of Lifetime horror films.  You can read my review of Amish Witches to find out why but, to put it simply, the Lifetime format doesn’t always lend itself to horror.  But The Watcher actually works surprisingly well.  As directed by Ryan Rothmaier, The Watcher is an atmospheric and well-acted portrait of housebound horror.  The film ends with a twist that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and yet it works because it is just so odd and totally out there.  The implausibility of the twist actually adds to The Watcher‘s dream-like atmosphere.

I recommend watching The Watcher.


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