Music Video of the Day: Looks That Kill by Mötley Crüe (1983, dir. Marcelo Epstein)

I think I only saw this music video once before now. It is as crazy as I remember. I think the best part is when the lady they are singing about appears by knocking down that wall. If you are thinking they didn’t quite know what to do with Mötley Crüe at this point, then I highly recommend you check out the music video they did before this for the song Live Wire. They seemed to have been under the impression they were Van Halen in that one. In fact, it looks like it wasn’t till director Wayne Isham got ahold of them in 1985 that they found the way to really sell this Sunset Strip band.

But what else could we expect from director Marcelo Epstein who brought us the notoriously bad breakdancing movie with Lorenzo Lamas called Body Rock the following year. I could only find out that he did a handful of music videos, but it appears that Body Rock killed his career in film. I even found one review that was convinced that “Marcelo Epstein” must have been a pseudonym for Michael Haneke or Jonas Mekas.

While Epstein is a bit of a mystery, producer Alexis Omeltchenko sure isn’t. You can find all kinds of information about him online. I can tell you when he was born, who his parents were, his political party of choice, where he went to college, and more. I can only find 15 producing credits on mvdbase, but I highly doubt that’s it. He owns his own production company and has been a member of the Music Video Producers Association since 1984. I’m sure there’s more.

What else can I say? If by some chance you haven’t seen this thing, then watch it. You won’t be sorry. It’s really stupid.

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