Watch As Prince Wins An Oscar!

Did you know that Prince was an Oscar winner?  He was!  In 1985, he won an Oscar for Best Original Song Score for the 1984 film, Purple Rain.  In order to win the Oscar, he not only had to defeat Kris Kristofferson but the Muppets as well!  (This would also be the last time that the Best Original Song Score Oscar would be awarded.  Check out Wikipedia’s history of this odd little category by clicking here.)

After news spread of Prince’s death earlier today, the Academy released a video of Prince both winning the Oscar and giving a nicely humble and sincere acceptance speech.

And here it is!  Just compare Prince’s speech to some of the dreary bombast that we had to sit through during the last Oscar ceremony…

Dearly Beloved —

Trash Film Guru


We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life —

He certainly did more than “get through,” though, didn’t he? Equal parts icon and iconoclast, superstar and outsider, there was always a sense that Prince was something other than, or at the very least apart from, the rest of humanity. Mind-bogglingly talented on a level most of us can scarcely conceive of, watching him perform a guitar solo live is the closest thing many folks will ever have to a truly cosmic experience. Surely this virtuoso energy, creativity, and freeform mastery was that was flowing through him came from some otherwordly, perhaps even extradimensional, source. I mean — how else to even explain it, right?

Unless you’re from here. His home town. Minneapolis. In which case, he’s not only the most impossibly gifted musician of his generation as well as any number of those…

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When Doves Cry: RIP Prince

cracked rear viewer


This morning, I learned both Chyna and Guy Hamilton had died. These weren’t exactly unexpected deaths. Chyna, the former wrestler and porn star, had struggled with substance abuse issues for many years. Hamilton, director of such James Bond films as GOLDFINGER, LIVE AND LET DIE, and THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, was age 93.

But Prince? That caught me completely off guard.


The iconic rocker was 57, and had just recently performed in Atlanta. He burst on the scene with a hybrid of psychedelic funk rock that was uniquely Prince. Hit albums like DIRTY MIND, CONTROVERSY, 1999, AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY, and SIGN “O” THE TIMES became classics as Prince crossed musical, racial,  and gender borders to create his own distinct artistic vision. He was one of the first black artist to be featured in heavy rotation on MTV, back when they actually were about music, and his visual style…

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