The Husbands of River Song: Christmas Jolly Fun! Spoiler free Doctor Who Preview!

I got a screener of this years Doctor Who Christmas special, all I am going to say is, “Spoilers Sweetie” And Whovians will know what I mean!


And as much as ‘Melody Pond‘ says that…. I won’t spoil the episode for anybody with my preview!

Ok, let me first get this out of the way: watching, writing and reviewing at the same time….

I despise Steven Moffats’ writing of Doctor Who, and I am not the only one, but his Christmas episodes do bring something to the table.

Alex Kingston is back as ‘River Song‘; complete with ‘sonic trowel‘ and all! But, there is a catch, She is now married to the HUGE cyborg King Hydroflax.

River, trying to pull off another hoax, gets caught by The Doctor. She doesn’t recognize him and he gets to play around with that, reversing their roles before.



The Doctor going back into the TARDIS was a beautiful scene! Alex and Peter manage to pull off a heart felt and kindred feeling. Literally, this was the best scene between The Doctor and a “companion” since Rory and Amy.

Got to give props to Greg Davies and Matt Lucas, their performance was enthralling as well.

I have never warmed up to Peter Capaldi as “The Doctor“, just do not like the way he portrays him. But I will admit, this is one of the best Doctor Who Christmas specials ever! Give me a season with Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston and I will take it forever!

I felt this season of Doctor Who was one of the worst of the modern version; but this Christmas episode might be one of the best episodes ever! Heart-warming, laughable and engaging. I actually loved it!

Definitely Christmas night viewing with the family worthy. I laughed and got teary-eyed all at the same time!

Here is the trailer and you can watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song, Christmas night on BBC America at 9pm.


2 responses to “The Husbands of River Song: Christmas Jolly Fun! Spoiler free Doctor Who Preview!

  1. ‘I despise Steven Moffats’ writing of Doctor Who…..’

    Stopped right there, as obviously your and my idea of what make some fantastic Doctor Who are very different. Give me my 10 seconds back! 😜

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