#LateNightMovie Review: Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny

Every year, since 2013, us as a #LateNightMovie gang have had an annual Christmas party week. In 2014 it was two weeks and this year it will be three weeks. And as a joke, myself and Tammy (@TRDownden) try to find the worst #LateNightMovie ever.

And as Tammy, and the rest of the gang admitted, I found it!

The movie I put the gang thru was “Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny


Cast: As I researched this movie, literally, no cast member wanted to be associated with this movie, but here is what I could find.
Director: R. Winer

Writer: Hans Christian Andersen (You will get this if you watched the movie)

Santa: Jay Ripley


In Florida, Santa has his sleigh stuck in the sand. To escape the heat all of his reindeer fly back to the North Pole, leaving him in the heat. Passing out from the heat, Santa telepathically summons local children to help. The children bring several animals, including a donkey, a horse, a gorilla and most hilariously a pig, to try and get the sleigh free.

When all efforts fail, Santa tells the children the story of a girl who visits a theme park and hears the story of ‘Thumbelina’. At this point, the movie-in-a-movie starts, with the entire 1970 Barry Mahon ‘Thumbelina’ playing, credits and all.

After the movie, Santa tells the children not to give up. The children leave and return with an Ice Cream Bunny driving a fire truck. The bunny offers to take Santa back to the North Pole. The kids left wondering about the sleigh, it disappears and joins Santa at the North Pole.


Gawd, this movie was horrible! I mean really horrible! If you are sitting around with 96 minutes of your life you never want back, try and sit thru this movie. I will almost put that out as a dare.


As always, the #LateNightMovie gang brought their A game to this movie. Here is a sampling of the snarky fun!

Annnd we just found an even more annoying song

(referring to another movie we will watch!)

So… exactly how much LSD would it take to write this?
Did Vic Savage direct this one too?*

no one thinks to get an adult with a brain to help

Little children, animals, creepy old guy… this IS a Vic Savage film *

*Great minds thinking alike!

Is there going to be trauma therapists on hand after this movie, because we’re gonna need it

I think I’ve been to the other part of Florida – the parts I’ve been to don’t have children wandering the beach with farm animals

Plot twist, the horse kicks Santa in the jingle bells…

Ok, how ironic that Santa say if you have faith your dreams will come true, and he can’t move his sleigh
Wow! Santa heard our wishes and gave us a new movie! LOL
(And Thumbelina begins)
Was this movie one of the 7 plagues set upon Egypt? It should have been

When this bottle is empty I’m going to hit myself in the head with it

Great… now our hell is freezing over.
The director really needed to quit licking frogs at this point
Hey – I am LOVING this – we’re MYSTing a movie that’s nearly as bad as Frankenstein’s Island
(Nearly as bad???)

Ahahahahaha!!! THe coming was foretold!!!
Bet you guys aren’t pitying me for being a Jew now, are ya? are ya?

Even Santa can’t take another song. F’k the sleigh, let’s get outta here!!!

Thanks Amber, Becs, Myke, Cindy, Holly, Jinni, Jes, Kelly, Phil, Pinky, Warren, Matt, Kurt, Tammy and Myrna for watching this disaster with me!

If you dare to try and sit thru this movie, here is your chance!

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