Fall is Back and so is new TV!

Finally, we get to the fall season! Cooler temps, the sun sets earlier, the leaves change to beautiful colors! And you know what that means? Real TV is back! We are done with the summer “reality crap” No more of ‘How do I magic this’ or ‘Network burns off this show’ or ‘my Big Brother watches this house’. We get real TV back! The TV I want to watch. And they are several Shows I have set my DVR for.

I will take these in order of the day they show on, and full disclosure, I have seen a couple of the pilots, I will note them if I have.


We all know “Gotham” is coming back with it’s new season, ‘Rise of the villains.’ I have not seen the screener for “Gotham” but the trailer looks awesome!

Also, on Monday, Fox will premier it’s new show “Minority Report” based on the Steven Spielberg movie of the same name. I have seen this pilot and although I try to give each show a four episode test…don’t bother.
But if you must look, here is a glimpse ..
Tuesdays are going to be way over loaded this year! We got “Scream Queens” and “The Muppets” (as of this writing, I have only seen the screener for “The Muppets,” which is hilarious!) I will have to watch “Scream Queens” live with you!
But the trailers are here;
Scream Queens
The Muppets
The reboot of “Rosewood” is here! Ok, I have to admit, I loved the original series and I have seen the pilot of the reboot. Against the popular opinion, I actually thought it was a great pilot reboot! Judge for yourself!
Heroes was great during season one, But let’s not forget what happened during season two and the writers strike!
I want “Heroes” to be the success it was before.
Like it or not…you can be reborn here.
That was just a little of what I will cover this fall!
Remember, TV is great!

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