What Lisa Watched Last Night #103: Death Clique (dir by Doug Campbell)

Bermuda Tentacles and Robot Vs. Aztec Mummy were not the only movies I watched on Saturday night.  I also DVRed Death Clique, a Lifetime original film.

Why Was I Watching It?

How can you not watch a film called Death Clique, especially when it’s on Lifetime?

What Was It About?

Teenagers Sara (Lexi Ainsworth) and Jade (Brittany Underwood) have been friends forever.  However, when new transfer student Ashley (Tina Ivlev) decides that she wants to be Jade’s new BFF, it leads to murder.  According to the opening credits, this is based on “true events.”  (There’s been a lot of speculation on the imdb message boards that Death Clique was based on the horrific murder of Skylar Neese but, while there are similarities, I don’t know that for sure.)

What Worked?

I’m not totally sure how closely Death Clique stuck to the true story that inspired it.  I’m going to guess that some parts of the film were heavily fictionalized, just by the fact that no “real” names were used.  But, even with all that in mind, Death Clique was a disturbing and effective movie about friendship, obsession, and murder.  When you watch as many Lifetime films as I do, you end up seeing a lot of melodrama in a lot of high schools.  Death Clique may not be the first Lifetime film to deal with this topic but it is unique in that it not only got the melodrama right but it got the little details right as well.

A lot of the credit for the film’s success has to go to the actresses who played the three friends — Lexi Ainsworth, Brittany Underwood, and Tina Ivlev were totally believable in their roles.

What Did Not Work?

It all worked.  This was an effective and well-made Lifetime film.

“Oh my God!  Just like me!” Moments

There were more than I would like to admit.  When I think back to high school and even to college, I can see that there were times when I was just like Jade and when I was just like Sara.  I’ve been the girl with the new and possessive BFF and I’ve also been the girl who suddenly discovers that she’s become the third wheel.  While I don’t think I’ve ever truly been an Ashley, I know what its like to be possessive of a new friend.  Up until the murder, every scene in this film had me saying, “Oh my God!  Just like me!”

There’s one scene, in particular, that struck uncomfortably close to home for me.  That was when Jade and Ashley slashed the tires of a car belonging to their hated Spanish teacher.  In my case, the car belonged to an algebra teacher and, without going into too many details, I was totally justified.

Lessons Learned

Choose your friends carefully.

3 responses to “What Lisa Watched Last Night #103: Death Clique (dir by Doug Campbell)

  1. I’m still wondering what will happen when they make In Black and White and Red All Over (The Lisa Marie Story) on Lifetime – will your head explode from the OMG, just like me! moments?!



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