Horror On TV: The Twilight Zone 3.12 “The Jungle”

Along with starting each day of October with a horror film here at the Shattered Lens, we’re going to end each day with a horror-themed television show.

While  I had previously caught a few episodes of the Twilight Zone during one of the annual holiday marathons on SyFy, I didn’t truly appreciate the show until I first exchanged e-mails with my friend in Australia, Mark.  Among other things, Mark expressed a very eloquent appreciation for The Twilight Zone and that inspired me to watch quite a few episodes that have been uploaded to YouTube.  Along with being an essential piece of television history, the best episodes of the Twilight Zone remain watchable and entertaining 50 years after they were first broadcast.

Considering the esteemed place that the Twilight Zone continues to occupy in American culture, it seems appropriate to feature it during Horror Month here at the Shattered Lens.

The episode below is called The Jungle and it first aired on December 1st, 1961.  It was written by Charles Beaumont and directed by William Claxton.  John Dehner plays an engineer who, having recently returned from overseeing a project in Africa, foolishly believes that he’ll be safe from a tribal curse just because he’s in New York.  This is an effectively creepy 23 minutes of television and the ending is a classic.

One response to “Horror On TV: The Twilight Zone 3.12 “The Jungle”

  1. Aaaaw, I’m so flattered to have been mentioned in an article about “The Twilight Zone”!

    “The Jungle” is a great example of how you can get so much out of so little. There’s not really that much dialogue, and it has a great conclusion.

    Just this morning, I watched “The Rip Van Winkle Caper”, one of my favourite episodes from the series. That also has a brilliant finale.


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