Trailer: Robocop


Here’s the trailer for the remake of Robocop, which appears to be full of all sorts of PG-13-rated mayhem.  Personally, just from the look of him, I would have called him Rubber Cop.  But that’s just me.

One response to “Trailer: Robocop

  1. Okay, let me speak on this, because you just know I’ve got problems with this film just from its trailer…

    My first headshake was at 1:01, where we see Rubber Cop (yes I’m sticking with that–thanks, Lisa Marie) with his eyes exposed.

    Way to miss the point, clueless Hollywood filmmakers: one of the finest touches in the original “RoboCop” was that his eyes were covered completely from the time he became RoboCop until the battle scene with ED-209, where a chip in RoboCop’s eyeshield allows us to, for the first time since Alex Murphy’s murder at the hands of Clarence’s gang, see into one of Murphy’s eyes. This continues the gradual rehumanisation of Murphy that begins with his flashbacks to his previous life, triggered by Officer Anne Lewis and her line “Murphy…it’s you”, and is furthered by RoboCop-Murphy’s visit to his former home, now up for sale and open for inspection.

    Following on from the above point…

    I shook my head again at 1:08, because as we can see and hear, Rubber Cop seems totally aware of his previous life as a regular human. This totally ruins any intrigue as to what might happen if Rubber Cop were to rediscover his past life.

    What the hell is Michael Keaton doing here? I mean, how damn predictable that Rubber Cop would be dressed in black. Even worse, Rubber Cop’s black outfit looks like Keaton’s leftover Batman suit.

    I really don’t see the point of remaking a classic film, especially when the original has stood the test of time so very well, added to the fact that this rehash doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table. They’ve even done a CGI version of Phil Tippett’s ED-209 creation. I just don’t see the point of it at all. You can count me out of this one.


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