Scenes I Love: Old Spice


I think this might be the first time for “Scenes I Love” that I’ve chosen from something other than a film, tv show or video game. But then again the scene I’ve chosen this time around surpasses any attempts to shoehorn it into a particular label or genre.

The latest “Scenes I Love” comes courtesy of Old Spice. It has starring in the scene the person who I believe is not just the most interesting man in the world (sorry old Dos Equis Man), but probably the most awesome one out there. I believe him to be the human form the Almighty takes when walking amongst the humans the Almighty created was required (sorry Morgan Freeman). This scene is just awesome and why I love it. There’s nothing much else to say.

If you don’t think this to be scene as not being awesome then you just don’t have it and will never have any of it and people will know.