6 Trailers For The End of April

Hi!  It’s time for another edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Film Trailers!

1) Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal (2001)

Say what you will about this trailer and the idea of having a concert on an airplane, Slade Craven is a great name.

2) Harrad Summer (1974)

This film is a sequel to the Harrad Experiment, which I reviewed earlier this year. From what I can gather, this film is about the values of the future challenging the values of today…

3) Parasite (1982)

Speaking of the values of the future…

4) Score (1974)

“Amyl Nitrate?  What’s this?”  For some reason, that line made me laugh.

5) Screamtime (1983)

This trailer is actually scared me a little.  It was the puppet.

6) In Love (1983)

In Love was apparently an attempt to make a “real film” that just happened to feature hardcore sex scenes.  For that reason, the trailer’s been edited but you can probably guess what’s going on behind those “Scene Missing” cards.  I just like the trailer because of the theme song.

What do you think, Trailer Possum?*

Possum Charlie—-

*The Trailer Kitties have the week off.


2 responses to “6 Trailers For The End of April

  1. I’ve seen “Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal “. It’s not a great film (despite the expectations generated by the trailer :)), or even necessarily a good film, but I found it fairly entertaining. The unusual variation (airborne metal concert) on an overused premise, along with a couple of silly but fun plot twists make it a decent Saturday night TV watch. It plays like a TV movie, actually. No Oscars (or Emmys) here (though Slade Craven is well-portrayed as sort of a Marilyn Manson/Alice Cooper hybrid/disciple). An odd under-use of Rutger Hauer (“Spoiler”- he’s not a good guy 🙂 Oh, wait – they gave that away in the trailer, didn’t they?) You’ll know how the story will go, but if you’re in for the night some weekend, you’ll probably enjoy the rid…flight, anyway.


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