Horror Scenes I Love: Misery

Our next horror-themed “Scenes I Love” entry comes courtesy of Rob Reiner’s film adaptation of the Stephen King novel to celebrity stalkers everywhere.

Misery was one of those novels that was actually much better when adapted to the film screen. Maybe it was the performances of the small cast with Kathy Bates’ star-turning role as Annie Wilkes who happens to be Paul Sheldon’s (James Caan) Number 1 fan. I’m not a huge Rob Reiner fan, but he hits on all cylinders with this adaptation and the scene which cements this film as one of my favorite horror films is the one many have simply called “The Hobbling”.

The scene itself was actually much more graphic in the novel since Annie uses an axe instead of the sledgehammer in the film. Yet, the lack of blood and chopped flesh and bone didn’t keep the scene from being wince-inducing. In fact, the use of the sledgehammer and the wooden block and the slow build-up to the money shot made the entire sequence almost hard to stomach and bear. I think I’m not the only one who ended up having phantom pains as soon the Annie went to town on Paul’s legs.

One response to “Horror Scenes I Love: Misery

  1. Having seen so many “Scenes You Love”, I had figured that those who enjoy such scenes have a sadistic streak, given the cruelty and pain portrayed, and the pleasure taken therefrom. But considering that your phantom pains do not diminish your affection for them, perhaps my conclusion was simplistic. Maybe devotees thereof would be more accurately-identified as Sado-Masochists. Apparently, these scenes “hurt so good”. 🙂 (I’m not judging; just diagnosing.)

    And for the record. “ouch!”


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