AMV of the Day (Horror Edition): Am I Not Human? (Another)

Yesterday site anime and manga contributor pantsukudasai56 posted his anime horror post for the month be recommending to everyone to watch the anime horror series Another. Using that as inspiration I’ve chosen the latest “AMV of the Day” by picking an AMV that uses that very series as the foundation for the video.

I’ve still have to find time to watch the series, but I know that Another is a horror anime that seems to have reached cult-status and beyond since it’s release earlier this year. Unlike pantsu here I do enjoy lots of anime horror but I will agree that they’re not in the same realm as mahou shoujo and slice-of-life series in terms of consistent quality. The last horror anime that I thought to be very good was Gakuen Mokushiroku (better known as Highschool of the Dead) but even that series earns much of it’s popularity due to it’s excessive (I thank Zoidberg Jesus for it everyday) use of fanservice shots.

With this AMV we get one from a high-quality horror anime and also paired up with one of the music industry’s preeminent producers of musical scores from Two Steps From Hell. This time around AMV producer AnimeFanOtaku123 uses that groups song, “Am I Not Human?”, to be the score for the chosen scenes from Another to complete the video. In fact, AnimeFanOtaku123 does such a great job with this AMV that one could easily say that it works perfectly well as a trailer for the series if one didn’t think it was an AMV to begin with.

I’ll probably have one or two more horror-related AMV’s before the end of the month, but this is a good choice for this month..

Anime: Another

Song: “Am I Not Human?” by Two Steps From Hell

Creator: AnimeFanOtaku123

Past AMVs of the Day

6 Horror-Filled Trailers!

Continuing with our horror theme this month, this latest edition of Lisa Marie’s Favorite Grindhouse and Exploitation Film Trailers is dedicated to films that are perfect for Halloween.

Some of you may have noticed that there was no Trailer Kitty at the end of last week’s post.  Well, I’m happy to say that, after intensive negotiations with the Mascot Union, the strike is over and the trailer kitties have returned!  Yay!

1) Beyond the Door (1974)

I think I may have included this trailer before but oh well.  I’ll include it again because the movie that it’s advertising is just so amazingly bad.

2) Sand Sharks (2011)

Stay away from the beach!  Seriously..agck!

3) The House On Haunted Hill (1959)

This trailer is a classic.

4) The Tingler (1959)

As always, a Vincent Price trailer should be followed up another Vincent Price trailer.

5) Hillside Cannibals (2006)

I haven’t actually seen this film but, judging from the trailer, it could have used a little Vincent Price.

6) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Much like Beyond the Door, this is a trailer that I’ve featured in the past but I think that, with it being the October season, I’m justified in featuring it again.  I consider this to be one of the most effective trailers of all time.

What do you think, Trailer Kitty?

In this case, I agree with trailer kitty!  Those trailers were way too scary!

Which Way Forward For The “Batman” Movie Franchise? Take Fifteen : Meet The New (Crime) Boss

The man you see pictured above is one Carmine Falcone, (former, as far as current Bat-continuity goes) crime boss of Gotham City. You may remember him from Batman Begins, of course, where he was played by Tom Wilkinson — a curious choice being that Mr. Wilkinson neither looks nor sounds especially Italian, but whatever.

He’s also largely immaterial to this post given that we’ve already established that the Harvey Dent/Jim Gordon/”Bat-Vigilante” trifecta has already locked him away at the start of our hypothetical Batman I  movie, but the slack left in the absence of him and the other incarcerated Crime Lords has been picked up, to an extent, in our imaginary flick by one Vincent Lucchesi, a name I dropped earlier but that we now will be meeting in earnest for the first time in a scene that, I freely admit, is heavily influenced by Nolan’s first Bat-flick.

Now, I confess — last time around, I left you with the distinct impression that our next segment would revolve around a TV interview with Bruce Wayne, but looking at things more closely over the last couple of days, I’ve decided that now might be a good time to introduce Mr. Lucchesi, since he’s going to figure prominently in this (again, completely imaginary) film, and because I think I’d like to show Batman in action for the first time at right about this point — although, fair warning, that’s going to be our focus tomorrow : one thing at a time, as always!

Anyway, I started this post with a picture of Falcone because Lucchesi is an entirely invented character (at this point — he’s going to eventually become a fairly well-known member of the Batman “Rogues’ Gallery,” but again, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves!) but he’s a bad-ass Gotham crime boss, and if you want to find pics of a bad-ass Gotham crime boss to kick off your blog post with, you’re stuck with Falcone images — this one, needless to say, from Loeb and Sale’s Batman : The Long Halloween (yes, again!).

If you’ll recall, busting Lucchesi has proven tough for the Dark Knight Detective because his deepest, darkest, most well-hidden secret seems to be that he’s importing an entirely legal, if obscure, experimental liquid compound through a string of front companies, and it seems only logical that in the two-day interregnum between Bruce Wayne’s “official” return to Gotham and his Monday morning chat-show appearance, he might want to have a look at one of these shipments in his Bat-persona.

To that effect, our next scene will show Lucchesi in a plush, Penthouse-type office, smoking an imported cigarette in a long holder, and meeting with a few of his less-than-trusted henchmen. Their conversation will be revolving around a shipment coming in that night, and Lucchesi will naturally ask who’s been tasked to provide “security” for the set-up. When one of the goons replies “Flass,” Luchessi will slam his fist on the desk and yell “Flass??????? You imbecile! Dent and Gordon just sent him upriver this morning!!!!!!!!!!,” thus hearkening back to our “Meet Jim Gordon” scene from a posts (but only a few minutes, movie-wise) ago. “Aren’t you clowns on top of any of the information that’s going around this town?”

“Gosh, we’re sorry, Mr. Lucchesi, so many guys been going down it’s gettin’ kinda hard to keep up!,” one of the toadies will stammer in response, to which Lucchesi will reply,” Well, it’s gettin’ too damn late to bring in anybody else, and I sure as hell can’t leave it to you nitwits, so it looks like I’m just gonna have to go down and oversee this operation myself. We’re at too critical a stage right now to leave it to a bunch’a goddamn amateurs!” At that point Lucchesi, immaculately dressed in an expensive Italian suit, will grab his equally-expensive Italian overcoat and hat and storm out of his office, his lackeys in tow behind him as he swears on his mother’s grave extreme vengeance, delivered with interest, upon Harvey Dent for all the trouble he’s been causing his operation.

If he knew the gruesome fate that was in store for him, he’d have stayed back at the office and farmed the job out after all —