Which Way Forward For The “Batman” Movie Franchise? Take Eleven : Other Principal Players

Hello once again, friends, and welcome to yet another in this seemingly endless series on relaunching the Batman franchise for the silver screen. Our introductory graphic this time around comes from the rather lackluster Batman : Earth One graphic novel, which I don’t really recommend anyone actually read, but I’m kicking things off with this picture because it’s a pretty accurate depiction of how I’m thinking Jim Gordon ought to look in this movie, and where this story falls for him chronologically in terms of his career. More about which in a very brief moment —

So, as we left things yesterday, Bruce Wayne was on his way back to Gotham, having headed west Boxcar Willie-style and spent most of the trip daydreaming about his past, giving us a pastiche of origin/background scenes to either tell us what we already know about his origins or tease us with aspects we may not be as familiar with. It seems to me that this point in our hypothetical Batman I  would be a pretty good time to introduce our other key cast members before lunging into the media circus that will await Batman in his “civilian” identity when he “officially” returns home.

First off I think police commissioner Jim Gordon (who, it should be noted, will be holding the “top cop” job from the start of this series) merits a quick intro, and while I hate to say “any scene showing him to be a good cop at this point will do,” the truth of the matter is — any scene showing him to be a good cop at this point will do. I’m thinking a little confrontation with his former partner, the hopelessly corrupt Lieutenant Flass, would serve our purposes well, maybe with Gordon on the right side of a set of cell bars and Flass on the wrong side, with some dialogue between them along the lines of Gordon near-taunting Flass about being sent upriver along with the rest of Carmine Falcone’s men, while Flass retorts limply with something like “way to sell out your old partner, Jimmy-boy, you got to the top on the backs of 80 good cops you sold out,” and Gordon responding with “80 cops, maybe, but good cops? Don’t kid yourself, Flass — anyway, just came to say goodbye, Harvey Dent will be seeing you in court in a few hours, and he’s batting .1000 with his conviction rate.”

Which will, of course, naturally lead to a scene showing Harvey Dent, maybe eating a bowl of cereal at home, with his wife, Gilda, in the background. He’s got a newspaper opened up next to him on the table, and Gilda asks who’s on his docket that day. He mentions the names of four Falcone deputies, including Flass. She says he must be feeling confident since he doesn’t have any legal briefs in front of him. “Just catching up on what’s happening around town?” She takes the paper and says “what is happening around town — besides you and Gordon finally cleaning up all the garbage?” At this point she takes a look at the article he was reading and says “ahhhh, the notorious cat-burglar — is she on your radar screen next?” “No need to be jealous, honey, the truth is she won’t be on my radar screen until Jim and his boys actually catch her,” all of which, of course, will lead us to —

A rather shabby-chic, semi-Bohemian-looking apartment in an obviously run-down part of town, where, dawn breaking, a lithe figure slinks in through an open window in a rather skin-tight outfit. She shoos about a dozen cats aside before reaching into a sewed-in compartment on her costume and taking out a couple pearl necklaces, diamond rings, and a wad of large bills, which she quickly locks away in a safe in her closet. A disembodies voice asks “Selina? Is that you? And we see the voice belongs to a 16-or 17-year old girl who’s still in bed, a few cats laying around her. Selina removes her mask and goggles, leans over her young charge, kisses her on the forehead, says “ssshhhh — yes, it’s me — just back from work — go on back to sleep, you’ve still got an hour or so before school,” and with that, we’ve “met,” at least in passing, the three most significant supporting cast members in our series not named Alfred.

So that’s the intros out of the way — next up we’ll have the much-talked-about-on-this-blog-already “return” of Bruce Wayne to Gotham, so please check back tomorrow if you’re interested in the details of just exactly how all that’s going to play out!

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