Trailer: Mass Effect 3 “Take Earth Back”

During one of the many commercial breaks for February 19th’s episode of The Walking Dead audiences were treated to the premiere of a trailer for one of 2012’s most-anticipated video games.

Mass Effect 3 is the final title in the series trilogy that first began five years ago with the Mass Effect title. The series has just gotten bigger since then with the second title selling even more and improving on the first game. This third title looks to tie-up all the storylines begun with the first two games and finish them off in the only way possible: EPIC.

This trailer is simply called “Take Earth Back” and we see just why it’s called just that. The Reapers (extragalactic robotic beings of extreme intelligence who scour the galaxy of all living life every 50,000 years or so and this time they’re returning with their sights set on taking on the homeworld of the person who has tried to stop them from returning: Earth. We see much in this trailer from major cities being destroyed by giant Reaper ships then to the arrival of Cmdr. Shepard and his allies to take on the possessed “Husks” of aliens the Reaper has turned against everyone.

The game has been hyped since the second game ended and this trailer just adds to that as we get nearer to the title’s March 6, 2012 release date. This trailer preaches to the loyal and should go a long way to helping convince those still on the fence to pick it up.

3 responses to “Trailer: Mass Effect 3 “Take Earth Back”

  1. Nice, really cant wait for this to come out :O lol good work, we covered something like this on our blog at xperience gaming 😀


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  3. This looks incredibly awesome. I’ve only played about half of ME1 because I have it on PC and I’m not much of a PC gamer (also, my computer is not up to playing such games all that smoothly). However, I may have to go back and finish the first one and work my way through the second (luckily I got that one for the console). What I have played was exciting and I was definitely into it. It’s just a matter of dragging myself away from Skyrim long enough to play through something else.


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