Poll: Which Films Are You Looking Forward To In June and July?

Rapidly we are approaching the half-way mark of 2011.  This is the time of year that the studios start to roll out their big “event” movies along with the occasional “prestige” film.  In short, this is the time that, for many (thought not for me), the year in film truly begins.

So, I’m curious — what films are you most interested in and excited about seeing in June and July? To help answer that question, I’ve created two polls which you can find below.  You can vote for up to four films for each month and write-in votes are accepted. Voting will be open on both polls until July 1st.

13 responses to “Poll: Which Films Are You Looking Forward To In June and July?

  1. While I’m excited to see many of these films (notably: The Tree of Life, Captain America, and Super 8), I absolutely without a doubt have to give it to Harry Potter.


  2. So many to choose from, but if I had to just pick one for each month then it would have to be X-Men: First Class for June and Captain America: The First Avenger for July.


    • From the previews, Super 8 seems like one of those films that everyone but me is going to end up loving. 🙂

      However, I’m hopeful for it because of the involvement of J.J. Abrams.


      • I’m still going to see Super 8, but the more I hear about this film from those who have seen it the more I think Abrams starting to look like he really has no clear original film idea to call his own without paying “homage” to the stuff he grew up watching. Super 8 plays out so much like some of the best Spielberg “coming-of-age” films that it’s a good thing Spielberg is producing it or some would call shenanigans on Abrams.


  3. Okay, so here’s the technical stuff that I didn’t go into in the actual post because I thought it would take up too much space. Consider this to be like the deleted scenes on a DVD:

    1) On July 1st, after these polls close, I’ll post another poll: Which movie are you most looking forward to seeing in August? And that poll will close on August 1st and then we’ll do one for September and so on.

    2) Okay, so why is the June poll getting to go on through June? Because I didn’t think of doing this until May 29th and I just didn’t see the point of doing a poll that would only stay open for 3 days. At the same time, I also felt that with Super 8 and Green Lantern and a lot of other heavily hyped films opening in June that there was no way I couldn’t do a poll on June.

    3) So, yes, the 1st poll isn’t exactly scientific because you could still be voting on what you’re excited about seeing in June even up to the end of June. Well, sorry. I think we’ll survive, though.

    4) Yes, I do have a tendency to obsess over small things that most other people probably don’t care about. Thanks for noticing. 🙂


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