Dead Meat: E-Serial Novel (by Chris and Patrick Williams)

Like zombies films, stories and novels about our friendly neighborhood hungry undead are full of bad examples. Stories and novels with little or no sense of a narrative outside of trying to out-gore and gross their fellow writers and readers. One really has to weed out the crap and chaff in order to find quality zombie stories and tales. Those who have been good enough to publish their work usually bring something new or, at the very least, take the tried-and-true zombie story and make it seem new.

The e-serial zombie novel Dead Meat by Chris and Patrick Williams falls somewhere between the two. While the story is a straight-out zombie survival tale told from the point of view of a normal guy trying to get home the story adds a bit of paranoia about government conspiracy/culpability in regards to the zombie situation in addition to keeping the setting of the story very localize.

What I like about this particular zombie serial is the fact that the creators of the novel don’t try to get too complicated in trying to explain the main story-arc. Outside of calling the zombies the characters encounter “Bee’s” they follow the standard George A. Romero rules of zombie fiction. There’s nothing worse than an author trying to over-explain the plot of their zombie story or, even worse, trying to be clever in adding new rules in how zombies operate. I like my zombie entertainment simple and straight to the point.

Dead Meat is still on-going and from what I’ve read so far there’s more chapters to be told. The story is updated regularly, but even when the time between updates extend it’s never too infrequent that one gets frustrated waiting for the next chapter. So, to my fellow zombie genre fans this is one site and e-serial you all need to check out.

Official Site: Dead Meat – An E-Serial Novel


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