Hottie of the Day: Krystle Lina


Latest hottie of the day is one Krystle Lina. California-born and raised Ms. Lina has been in the modeling industry since 2006. She has worked for Playboy and Destroyed Brand Denim plus many other men’s magazines and publications. Her Spanish and Irish ancestry has provided Ms. Lina (born Krystle Suarez) with her exotic good looks which has helped make her fast rising and popular internet and print model.

In addition, she has become quite popular with the internet crowd due to her internet radio show, “The Krystle Lina Experience”. Her show comes on every Wednesday night on She talks about everything from news stories to events and dealings within the entertainment industry. Krystle’s show has allowed her to expand her audience beyond area of the Los Angeles basin to worldwide. She also has taken advantage of the internet nature of her show to give back to her fans by taking phone calls from the show’s audience and interacting with them through the show’s chatroom. Ms. Krystle Lina definitely is a hottie going places.

Web Comic: The Zombie Hunters

The Zombie Hunters

I think everyone who has been visiting and reading this blog might have figured out that I am a huge fan of the zombie genre. If some haven’t come to that conclusion let me just get it out of the way and say that I do indeed love the zombie genre and everything associated with it. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

For the past couple months I have had the pleasure of reading one the best web comics still running on the web. I am talking about Jenny Romanchuk’s very own on-line zombie comic book series, The Zombie Hunters. The series began in around mid-November of 2006 and has gained quite the loyal fanbase as word-of-mouth about this particular zombie webcomic spread like the undead infection that is its subject.

I came across the webcomic while I was bored and going through the usual surfing of my favorite zombie-related websites. One site had a poll asking people which zombie webcomic was their favorite and listed all that met criteria. Ms. Romanchuk’s webcomic was one of them and being bored I clicked the link and to say I was impressed and instantly hooked would be quite the understatement. The storytelling is quite good with some scenes quite emotional and others knee-slapping funny. The artwork is very good with clean lines, not much clutter to distract the eyes and very good coloring done. Since The Zombie Hunters is about a zombie apocalypse the comic is also quite violent and gory as it should be.

With Apple’s iPad now being seen as the start of a new era in digital distribution of comics both in print and those just on-line I truly hope that Ms. Romanchuk finds a way to sell her series through that medium if just to expand her fanbase and really make some money off of an excellent comic book series. Sometimes the little guys need to be rewarded for a job well done and one that is still being done well.

Official Site: The Zombie Hunters