The Thing Prequel Casts Its Leads

The Hollywood Reporter blog has reported that Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been cast in the lead role of the soon-to-be filming prequel of the classic scifi/horror The Thing. Slashfilm has picked up on this story and I have confirmed with someone involved in the casting process that she has been cast who I trust explicitly.

She will play the role of Kate Lloyd, the paleontologist chosen to travel to Antarctica to help the research team in the Norwegian camp which has found something buried in the Antarctic ice. The casting of Joel Edgerton in the male lead role of Sam Carter, the American helicopter pilot tasked with bringing the character Kate Lloyd to the Norwegian base, rounds out the news on lead casting.

Ms. Winstead has had her share of being part of a genre production (Final Destination 3 and Grindhouse) so she will not be out of place in such a production. She has enough acting skills to balance out her good looks. With the relatively young look of both leads there’s a chance that writer Eric Heisserer may include a romantic subplot between the two characters. I sure hope that is not the case since this film doesn’t really need it to appeal to the audience. Would I be averse to having some sort mutual attraction, even if just hinted at, between the two character? Not at all, but a fullblown romance just for the sake of having it in the story would be the wrong way to go about it.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter