Hottie of the Day: Elle Navarro


The latest to take the mantle of site hottie of the day is the lovely Elle Navarro.

Ms. Elle Navarro is a Filipina-Caucasian model and dancer who makes Burban, California her home. Born of a Caucasian father and a Filipina mother, Ms. Navarro was born in the Philippines in 1986 before moving to Oxnard, CA as a young child. She has been quite active in the import car modelling scene and has gained a following of fans from her appearances at import car tuner shows. She has started to move towards acting. Ms. Navarro has become more known to the public due to her participation in the VH1 reality tv show, For the Love of Ray J.

She has mentioned in many magazine interviews how she was quite the tomboy growing up. If all tomboys grow up to be like her then most guys in their teen years would definitely stop going for the cheerleader types.

Valhalla Rising Trailer

I just came across the trailer for this little film from Danish director Nicholas Winding Refn (directed the soon-to-be cult-classic, Bronson) called Valhalla Rising. I’ve heard of this Viking period film late last year, but couldn’t find much info on it other than it was one brutal and great-looking film. Whether it was any good I still have to see for myself.

The film stars Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chiffre in Casino Royale and Tristan in King Arthur) as the Norse warrior One-Eye in 1000 A.D. and travels with a boy named Are as they join with a band of Vikings. From what I could tell from the trailer above much violence occurs during their travels. The choice of music for the trailer is more than just a bit unusual especially when paired with the brutal scenes of violence shown.

I’m always down for some ultra-violent filmmaking and at times that alone will save a film for me. Here’s to hoping that Valhalla Rising will be more than just brutality and gore but actually have some depth to it. If it doesn’t then at least I’ll get my fill of the grue and gore.