4 Shots From 4 Films: Kwaidan, Minority Report, La Horde, The Exorcist

A new feature that I thought was a nice way to introduce not just our readers, but also fellow site writers to some films we love, admire and think worthy of checking out.

It won’t be any sort of review or recap of what the film is about, but just a simple, single shot from the film itself that the individual writer considers an worthy and interesting glimpse of the film.

To start off “4 Shots From 4 Films” here’s the first 4 shots. Moving forward it will be just 4 screenshots and the title of the film they belong to.



Kwaidan (dir. by Masaki Kobayashi – 1964)


Minority Report (dir. by Steven Spielberg – 2002)

Horror Scenes I Love: La Horde


I know, I know. Another zombie-related post. Well, if you’ve been visiting the site enough these past three years or so then you’d realize by now that this site loves it’s zombies. Well, not love in that way, but in the “what would I do if put in the middle of the zombie apocalypse” type deal. Call it the American trait of self-reliance and stubbornness in the face of overwhelming odds. Also, this love for the zombie apocalypse seem to stem for the fact that as a society we Americans seem to be very apocalypse-obsessed.

Well, enough of that and time to get on the latest horror-themed “Scenes I Love” entry. This time around it comes courtesy of the very awesome French zombie film La Horde from 2008. This particular scene arrives very close to the end of the film so it’s going to be spoiler-heavy. So, being warned now to either watch the clip and be spoiled by the fate of a certain character or watch the film first and relive just how awesome this scene is the second time around.

The scene is just something that we as fans of the zombie apocalypse hope to go out doing if the end is near. No crying in the corner pleading at something that has no emotions. No cowardly act killing oneself before the shambling (or in the case of this film they’re sprinting like Usain Bolt) gets to them. This is the scene that shouts to the Gods in their heavenly thrones to watch how a true warrior dies. Not with a cry and whimper but with a shout of defiance and scream of bloodlust and frenzy to rival those trying to kill you.

As the video’s title succinctly proclaims: “Going out like a BOSS!”