Game Review: Sidetrack (2023, Andi C. Buchanan)

In Sidetrack, you are a teenager who walks the same route to school every day.  Every day, you walk past an abandoned subway station.  Today, though, you see that the station is suddenly open and you decide to explore.  From the first station, you can take the train to as many or as few locations as you want.  Each location has a different feel to it.  The first station that I visited featured people who were made of wood and I had to exchange my money for wooden coins.  Another station was full of friendly spiders while another had biting fish.  Exploring each station brings the chance of finding something that you can use to enhance the experience your experience at another station.  You can visit and re-visit all of the stations as much as you like but when you finally decide to return home, the experience is over.

Designed with Twine and featuring stations that were created by guest authors, Sidetrack is about as pure of an Interactive Fiction experience as you could hope to have.  It’s a story that lasts for as long as you want it to and that goes where you direct it to go.  Well-written and intriguing, this is not a game where you have to worry about getting stuck because you picked the wrong verb or you missed a step in solving an intricate puzzle.  This is a game that you experience like a surreal but unforgettable dream.  Take the journey and see how many stations you can explore.

Play Sidetrack.

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